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Eco Cash

Now, you can send MoneyGram directly into their EcoCash wallet

MoneyGram has partnered with EcoCash, the biggest Mobile Money Transfer Service in South Africa to bring you more convenience in receiving your MoneyGram remittances.  Transactions sent to you will be received directly into your loved ones EcoCash wallet at any time of the day or night.

What do I need to send MoneyGram transactions into EcoCash wallet?
To send money to an Ecocash wallet in South Africa, you will need the following

  1. The mobile number of your loved one,
  2. The appropriate documentation required by the send country you are sending from
  3. Your money to send to South Africa.

Please ensure that you have the correct mobile number of the receiver

How much can I send into their wallet?

  Customer Limits (USD)
Maximum wallet limit No Limit
Single transaction limit 500
Daily transaction limit 1,000
Monthly Limit 3,000

Would I still need send to send the MoneyGram reference number to my family in South Africa for sends into their EcoCash wallet?
The convenience of sending a Moneygram remittance directly onto your receiver's Ecocash wallet eliminates the need for a reference number.  From the time of send the remittance will be deposited into the receivers' mobile wallet within seconds.    

How much do I pay so the loved ones can receive the MoneyGram Transaction on their EcoCash wallet?   
Just like receiving your normal MoneyGram transaction, it is absolutely free to receive money into ones EcoCash wallet. However, normal EcoCash charges apply for other transactions like cash-out, pay a bill and pay a merchant.

What happens if you send MoneyGram transaction to a loved one who is not registered on EcoCash?
The receiver of the transaction would need to be a registered Ecocash customer; otherwise the transaction will get rejected. Registering for EcoCash wallet is easy. Your loved one need to visit an EcoCash agent with a copy of your fees apply

Who do my loved ones reach if they encounter problems receiving into their wallet?

  • Call EcoCash Help Line (Call Centre) on 114,
  • Visit any Econet Shop/Agent near you.
  • Contact us on our EcoCash Facebook Page on:
  • Send us a message on Twitter handle @EcoCashZW
  • Visit